76%* of people pay attention to their appearance. 7 out of 10 women and 1 out of 2 men want to lose weight. What is their N°1 reason? « To feel better », according to 49.6% of survey responses**.
To reach this goal, people often turn to dieting and high-intensity cardio training, feeling a kind of immediate well-being, but these practices aren’t without risk. Stress fractures, lower back pain, stroke…these are some of the risks of non-supervised exercise. At LPG®, it is impossible to imagine any health risk for well-being and beauty results.

HIIT 3.0

For all those looking to reshape their figure safely and effectively, HUBER 360® FIIT offers a new training experience directly inspired by HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training.

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How does this work?

While standing on the platform, the goal is to maintain the posture indicated thanks to the on-screen targets and to absorb the motorised platform’s movements. An intense concentration is needed to reach the on-screen targets and succeed the exercise. This posture and coordination game allows to rebalance the entire body.

The Evolution?

HUBER 360® FIIT’s programmes are adapted to everyone. After the assessment, the LPG® Expert selects the right exercise (target areas, intensity…) based on each person’s physical condition, for 100% personalised training. Upper body, lower body, core, cardio…reshape your figure in 10 minutes only!
Thanks to its interactive screen, physical and cognitive stimulation are simultaneous and the brain burns a significant amount of energy.



Comparing the new HUBER 360® FIIT to the reference in cardio workout, RPM, the 2019 ESP-Consulting Study proved that HIIT workout on HUBER 360® FIIT:

• Does not raise your heart rate, meaning there is no risk for your health
• Helps burning +13% fat after 5 minutes of exercise
• Helps burning + 35% fat after 30 minutes of rest at the end of every session


What you must remember!

HUBER 360® FIIT makes HIIT accessible to anyone, thanks to its effective yet safe sports programmes.

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*2018, Harris Interactive Study – **2018, Xerfi Study

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