The latest anti-back pain discoveries.
Resolution number 1? Book your HUBER® session: gone are the days when you were told to lie flat on your back. Now the machine is fun, saves valuable time, and is incredibly effective. Get to your physiotherapist now!

Version Femina

To fully exercise the perineum, HUBER 360 provides tonic yet gentle physical therapy. Follow your physiotherapist or mid-wife’s recommendations for this exercise.

Neuf mois

Stretch marks are a terrible consequence of pregnancy and are difficult to prevent. Cellu M6® helps to soften scars, boosts the production of collagen and elastin, and restores skin quality. Exclusively with your physiotherapist.


Cancer: treatment, diagnosis... in constant improvement!
Thereis a lot of talk about breast cancer before and during, but what about after? In October 2015, LPG launched “MonKineVoitRose.fr” the 1st online portal dedicated to patients and practitioners who make it easier for a woman to get back to an active life and accept her body.


Why not take care of our legs? Two out of three people suffer from venous diseases. An endermologie® treatment immediately drains lymphatic fluid from the very 1st session, without medication, without pain and without invasive surgery.

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