Exercising is one of New Year’s top resolutions, the reality of people’s regular work out is a different thing...

Still, sports and physical activity brings many health benefits such as reducing or preventing risks related to chronic disease.  It has also been demonstrated that exercise plays an important role during and after cancer treatment by improving patients’ quality of life (helping with anxiety, depression, sleep, self-esteemfatigue, etc.) and by reducing recurrence rates. Given the benefits of exercise, the French Health Department has set up several national programs to raise awareness and encourage people to be more active in their daily lives.


The percentage of French people that do not reach the goal of 10,000 steps per day*


The percentage of French people that do not participate in sports or other physical activities*


The percentage of French seniors that are sedentary (less than 5,000 steps per day)*

*Source : Enquête Assureurs Prévention, 2014


HUBER 360® EVOLUTION helps people ease back into physical activity or improve performance for athletes. Thanks to a comprehensive functional assessment, the physiotherapist identifies patient’s abilities and sets objectives. The many possible settings then allow the physical therapist to plan interactive sessions adapted to the patient’s physical condition to work on flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, or even endurance, using more cardio-oriented exercises. Furthermore, a study has shown that HUBER 360® EVOLUTION can help change body composition by burning fat and building muscle mass (ESP Consulting, 2010). The patient can learn their limits and see their progress from session to session, increasing their motivation. HUBER 360® EVOLUTION offers patients the opportunity to receive individualized training, supported by a healthcare professional for a safe and effective workout.



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