Aching and heavy legs, swollen ankles, visible veins...

No matter what the symptoms are, they are all linked to venous insufficiency, or in other words, poor blood circulation in the veins. veryone – both men and women – can be affected, but today certain causes are clearly identified: heredity, excess weight, prolonged sitting or standing, hormonal fluctuations, prolonged exposure to heat, etc. This progressive pathology needs to be monitored in order to prevent potential complications.


Prevalence of varicose veins >20% affecting 11 million men and 22 million women ages 40-80*

40 %

of women and 20 percent of men have significant leg vein problems BY THE AGE OF 50. **

* Gloviczki , P. et al (2011) Journal of Vascular Surgery, May Supplement
** Vascular disease foundation USA


By stimulating the skin using the patented Alliance treatment head, the medical endermologie® technique naturally and painlessly boosts venous (x4*) and lymphatic (x3*) circulation in order to achieve results more rapidly than with manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). This treatment also enables veins to be unclogged and to gradually regain more tonicity for rapid, lasting relief.

*Source : WATSON J. ET AL. Physiological Effects of Endermologie® : A Preliminary Report Aesthetic Surg J 1999, 19 (1);27-33.



  • As a vascular doctor, I use everyday medical endermologie® to treat venous or lymphatic edema of the lower members. For more than 20 years, I have noticed an improvement of the venous edema and a maintained flexibility of the dermis and hypodermis in the lymphedema. medical endermologie® is a good adjuvant treatment to reduce and treat underlying varicose veins; it improves skin trophicity and restores the suppleness of hardened tissues.”

    Vascular medicine specialist

  • First and foremost, medical endermologie® sessions are a source of well-being, stress relief, and relaxation for me. At the end of the treatment, I have a feeling of lightness as I put my clothes and shoes back on. I can feel my blood circulating better.


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