A multitude of preprogramed sessions:

  • HEALTH: rapid and independent patient rehabilitation
  • SPORTS: discipline-specific training programs
  • FITNESS: short, high-intensity sessions (10 min)

An integrated functional assessment designed for all types of patients to accurately evaluate their health and better monitor their physical rehabilitation.

  • Consists of 7 reference tests: stability, single foot balance, walking, stability limits, mobility restriction, strength and coordination.

A multiaxis motorized platform (LPG patent) equipped with force sensors
An infinite number of platform programs to match different therapeutic needs

A tablet application with several features:

  • Functional evaluation
  • Create your own programs and menus
  • Patient’s progression monitoring
  • Monitor patients’ exercise remotely
  • Send Evaluations sent to patients and prescribers
  • Connection to the device

Connected technology (instant updates) with a dynamic, interactive interface

Targeted, progressive workouts with the dynamic posture corrector

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