Dermatofunctional physiotherapy was born in Brazil in the 90s and represents a specialized field based on the evaluation and treatment of physical-aesthetic-functional disorders arising from clinical conditions, pathologies, surgical interventions and events affecting directly or indirectly the integrity of the integumentary system.

In other words, dermatofunctional physiotherapy is a branch of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation that intervenes in disorders based on alterations in the functionality of the skin as a whole, but also on glands and sensory receptors, treating as a whole and trying to restore not only aesthetics, but also and above all function, thus improving the well-being and quality of life of patients.

This multidisciplinary approach involves nutritionists, psychologists, doctors of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, endocrinologists, oncologists, dermatologists, general surgeons and reconstructive plastic surgeons.

Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy intervenes to correct dysfunctions and rehabilitate patients limited by adverse clinical conditions, using resources that work in a non-invasive way, improving patients’ quality of life.

The areas of intervention of Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy are divided into two main axes:

Aesthetic therapy

■ Skin aging (wrinkles, spots, devitalized skin)
■ Cellulitis
■ Stretch marks
■ Localized fatty deposits
■ Acne
■ Sagging (dermal and muscular)
■ Lymphatic and/or venous edema
■ Pre-operative (to ensure greater hydration and better circulation, as well as to tone the muscles, leading to greater metabolic exchanges in order to reduce the effects of surgery)
■ Post-operative (reduce edema and pain, increase oxygenation of affected tissues)

Restorative Therapy

■ Oncology
■ Obesity and metabolic syndromes
■ Scars
■ Ulcers
■ Injuries
■ Tissue necrosis

Sessions of endermologie®

The techniques used by the Dermatofunctional Physiotherapist are divided into: physical therapies, manual therapies and therapeutic exercises.
Medical endermologie® sessions can be part of this multidisciplinary approach, to help treat many indications for Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy:
- In the aesthetic field: cellulite, skin aging, localized fat, sagging, pre and post cosmetic surgery, remodeling after pregnancy, etc.
- In the therapeutic field: pain, all types of scars (recent or old, surgical or traumatic, burn scars even after skin grafts, post-caesarean section scars, post-mastectomy scars, etc.), fibrosis, adhesions, lymphedema, edema lymphatic and/or venous, pre and post-surgery of all types (obesity, oncology, orthopaedics, etc.)

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Sessions with HUBER 360® Evolution

Sessions with HUBER 360® EVOLUTION can also be included in the Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy approach, particularly for therapeutic exercise: The many possible settings of the medical device then allow the physiotherapist to plan interactive sessions adapted to the patient's physical condition to work on flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, or endurance. The patient can benefit at both musculoskeletal level and aesthetic level.

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Felice Picariello

Dr. Felice Picariello
International diploma in Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy, researcher IRG-Brazil, Head of the Patricia Froes Institute-Italy. President of the Italian Association of Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy.

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